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While Chrome may be the favorite browser for many PC and mobile users, it may not be every laptop’s user preferred way for online activities due to its effect on battery life. Google has indeed tried to improve its browser’s use of battery life, but Microsoft shows Edge is a more efficient browser for your laptop’s battery.

Earlier today, Microsoft shared a video of a lab test in which it compares the power consumption of Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Basically, Microsoft uses four laptops with exact configurations to a) test typical browsing activities (i.e. visiting popular sites, using tabs), b) examine “real-world energy telemetry from millions of Windows 10 devices” and c) compare the time each laptop can last when displaying one streaming video.

Though Edge is still missing functionality offered by competing browsers, like browser extensions, the results were still in favor of Microsoft. Starting with fourth place, Google Chrome lasts only 4hrs:19min:50sec, followed by Mozilla Firefox with 5hrs:09min:30sec, Opera with 6h:18min:33sec, and Edge with an amazing 7hrs:22min:07sec.

The Anniversary Update for Windows 10, coming this Summer, is expected to give Microsoft’s modern browser more enhancements and features.

This video may perhaps make more laptop users change their favorite browser of use to Edge.

[Source]: Windows Experience Blog: Get more out of your battery with Microsoft Edge.

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