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Many players have already chosen a team with silhouettes of the captain, but that will soon change. At the San Diego Comic-Con, Niantic introduced attendees to the Pokémon GO Team Leaders.

The first captain, Candela, will represent the red Team Valor, while Blanche will command the blue Team Mystic. The only male character, Spark, will take the role of captain for the yellow Team Instinct.

John Hanke, Niantic Labs CEO, did not make fans happy after rumors went online about the mention of the announcement of legendary Pokémon at today’s panel. It just didn’t happen.

One confirmation was made though. The rumor Eevee evolution is real. By changing Eevee’s name before evolving to either Pyro, Rainer or Sparky, players will be able to get Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon.

Hanke is also taking into consideration suggestions from fans already perhaps to make it be more like the anime or videogames before Pokémon GO. Niantic is also considering adding breeding and trading pocket monsters, creating PokéCenters (to heal Pokémon), and adding new rare Pokémon, among others.

What fans may be looking for are easter eggs yet to be found.

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