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With the game less than a month away, Atlus revealed today the characters that will make part of The King of Fighters XIV’s Team Psycho Soldier. The latest trailer introduces characters Athena, Sie Kensou and Chin Gentsai. Don’t let the team’s name fool you; the trailer shows they do have the guts to fight.

Here’s an intro of each of the characters, according to Atlus:

  • Athena Asamiya is a cheerful and friendly high school girl who is adored worldwide for being a famous pop star. She has a strong sense of justice and always puts on a worthy show for her fans on stage and in the ring. Athena utilizes a variety of psionic abilities and will be a terror to any opponent in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV tournament.
  • Sie Kensou is a goofy Kung Fu kid with a penchant for dragons. He fights with a hybrid Kung Fu and psychic style, and has a lot of potential to become an unstoppable fighter. Oh, he’s also in love with Athena and hopes to impress her one day with his fighting ability. That’s as good as any reason to fight right?
  • Drunken master Chin Gentsai is a very ancient fighter who lulls his opponents to sleep with his drunken antics before exploiting their carelessness. He is both master and mentor to the two younger members of Team Psycho Soldier, and wants them to test their psychic abilities in the tournament.

[Source]: Atlus PR.

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