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Earlier today, Steam launched its first-ever VR Weekend Sale for fans who want to experience virtual reality games on HTC Vive.

Many of the games are being offered at a discount of between 10% and 30%, but for people who want to play more of virtual reality, the 20-game bundle seems like a good opportunity to a great collection of VR games, if you can afford them.

At $251.42, interested gamers can get the following collection: Space Pirate Trainer, Vanishing Realms, Holopoint, Pool Nation VR, Final Approach, HoloBall, Battle Dome, Cloudlands: VR Minigolf, Hover Junkers, Audioshield, Blarp!, Steam, VR Weekend Sale, and many others.

For more info, check out VR Weekend Sale Bundle.

[Source]: Steam: The VR Weekend Sale.

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