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After the recent release of the game Ghostbusters, developer Fireforge Games files for bankruptcy on July 15, according to Kotaku. Before the company’s closure, Fireforge has had debts in the millions as well as some lawsuits.

The recent Ghostbusters game did not receive favorable reviews; also, it was developed in just eight months according to an ex-employee who worked in the development of the title.

Fireforge Games halted the production of at least two MOBA projects, one on the development of a game code-named Zeus for PC hardware company Razer, and one on the game code-named Atlas for Chinese company Tencent. Both companies took Fireforge to court. In addition, documents show FireForge owes almost $11.3 million to Tencent. The money, according to Razer, was used for the development of the Tencent project.

Lawyer Richard Lang also accused Fireforge of violating a deal worth $3.7 million to license Helios, 38 Studios’ proprietary social media platform. Lang said Fireforge tried to build its own platform by hiring many people who previously worked at 38 Studios.

[Source]: Kotaku: Ghostbusters Developer Fireforge Games Goes Bankrupt.

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