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After many people got to read digital copies of Nintendo’s defunct gaming magazine for five months at, Nintendo removes a Nintendo Power collection from Internet Archive. The copies, uploaded by user Jason Scott, became very popular at, to let fans relive their yesteryears of gaming or learn about the classic games for the very first time via Nintendo’s magazine.

Up to 145 different issues out of the 285 issues were uploaded on the site as of last week, but the collection of issues were removed from the uploader’s account. Nintendo told Polygon that it has to “protect our own characters, trademarks and other content.”

Nintendo launched the magazine in 1988 but discontinued it after 24 years. Years later, Nintendo decided to communicate directly with its fans via Nintendo Direct and Nintendo Minute.

Nintendo Power was well-known in its heydays because of the letters sent by fans, as well as game guides, game reviews, comics, posters, and more.

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