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While gamers are waiting for the official announcement of the PlayStation 4 Neo at the PlayStation Meeting on September 7, images of a PS4 Slim model appear on an auction site.

The seller named Adam posted images of the new PS4 model where the console looks thinner and features round edges. Also seen in the box, the mention of the Jet Black model with a 500GB hard drive, “not in the stores yet.” However, there is no mention of Neo in the package. It looks more like a Slim or just a revamped version of the current PS4 models. Also, this model does not come with an optical port.

The PEGI rating on the bottom right side of the box shows the console could be from Europe.


Images of a PS4 Slim Model appear on an auction site

Images of a PS4 Slim Model appear on an auction site



Clicking on the page now leads to a new URL with the word “removal” in the link.

[Source]: / Adam: Sony PS4 Console Latest Slim Line Model, Not in Stores Yet, Brand New in Sealed Box (Archive).

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