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As the release of Square Enix’s upcoming great adventure approaches, the company released a new 33-minute FFXV cinematic and gameplay trailer. Though fans around the world will watch this video, Japanese speakers have the advantage as all the video and subtitles are in Japanese.

According to a user on NeoGAF, the video has selected scenes from both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of FFXV which shows some noticeable differences, along with some never-before-seen sequences between the 10 and 31 minutes of video.

Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One on November 29.

[Sources]: Square Enix (YouTube): FINAL FANTASY XV 開発最新バージョン 日本語ゲームプレイ動画/ファイナルファンタジー15; NeoGAF: Final Fantasy XV – 30 minutes of gameplay (Japanese).

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