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The presence of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto at Apple’s recent press event surprised many fans specially after the revelation of an official Mario game on iOS devices. What could be more surprising is the mention of the people that are working on the mobile title.

In an interview with IGN, Miyamoto mentioned that veteran team members of Mario 2D games are working on Super Mario Run.

“Since I became creative fellow, it’s actually a lot easier for me to focus on individual projects,” Miyamoto said. “So it started, I was finishing up Star Fox Zero and working on this at the same time. And since Star Fox Zero finished, I’ve just been focused exclusively on this.”

“The director of the game is Takashi Tezuka, who I worked with on the original Super Mario Bros., and so I’m just working with that team every day on the game,” he explained.

“Hideki Konno was the map director. He designed the world map for Super Mario World and he’s been doing the network side of things on the Mario Kart games. For this game, he is heading up the kingdom side. So we’re actually making this game with all of the past team members coming together to make a new Mario game.”

-Shigeru Miyamoyo

It seems like Nintendo wants to make a real, enjoyable game for everyone so that fans would pay more attention to the franchise again no matter what device Mario is going to appear next time.

[Source]: IGN: 11 Things We learned about Super Mario Run.

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