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According to a tweet via the game’s official account, a new fighter is coming to Pokkén Tournament. Even a year after its release in Japan, Bandai Namco keeps bringing more content to its Pokémon fighting game, but the company did not reveal yet who the new fighter will be. While the update will be for the arcade version of the game, nothing has been mentioned for the Wii U one. Fans of Pokémon will have to wait until October 13 to find out who will be the new combatant, but for now, they could guess. It seems like some fans of the anime do want to see Greninja.

[Source]: @pokken_official (Twitter): アーケード版「ポッ拳」に新たなバトルポケモンの参戦が決定!その正体は・・・10月13日に公開予定!続報を待て! #ポッ拳

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