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At the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, PlayStation 3 owners who own the game received bad news now that Square Enix will end support for FFXIV on PS3 with the release of Stormblood, the second expansion for the MMO title.

Now that Square Enix announced it will stop support for the PS3 version of FFXIV, it will offer players a free PS4 version via a special upgrade. It won’t be an affordable upgrade for gamers who still prefer playing on the PS3 and still don’t own a PlayStation 4 as gamers will need to purchase the PS4 or PS4 Pro.

For PC gamers, Stormblood will require higher specifications. Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida also suggested players to upgrade their PC’s operating systems to a 64-bit one, though Square Enix will still support both. He also mentioned FFXIV will not support very old hardware it still supports once it releases Stormblood.

Affected gamers will have time to upgrade their hardware once Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood makes its debut in early summer 2017.

[Source]: GameSpot: Final Fantasy 14 to Offer Free PS3-to-PS4 Upgrade as PS3 Support Coming to an End.

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