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Ken Griffey Jr. hasn’t been seen much on the cover of a baseball video game in many years since the Super Nintendo and N64 days, but he deservedly returns to a video game next year as Sony welcomes Ken Griffey Jr. to MLB The Show 17 for the PS4.

It has been almost twenty years after his last appearance in video games. Perhaps it’s a recognition for having been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame earlier this year with an almost unanimous vote, a percentage higher than anybody else’s in the history of baseball in the US.

Baseball fans can now pre-order the game at certain stores around the US and Canada. As a bonus, people will get a Ken Griffey Jr. game card and additional bonus Standard Packs (depending on how they get any of the four versions of the game and at what store).

Also, there are the four versions of the game fans will be able to buy: MLB The Show 17 (Standard), MLB The Show 17 Hall of Fame Edition, MLB The Show 17 Digital Deluxe Edition, and MLB The Show 17 MVP Edition. The game will make its debut on March 28, 2017.

[Source]: PlayStation.Blog: Welcoming Ken Griffey Jr. to MLB The Show 17!.

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