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Via its blog, Supergiant Games announced the popular action RPG game Bastion is coming to Xbox One. Five years after its debut on Xbox 360’s Summer of Arcade showcase, the game will arrive on December 12 to Xbox One, but if you own the Xbox 360, keep reading.

The Xbox One version of Bastion will be:

  • Free for a limited time for owners of the Xbox 360 version (till January 1, 2017). For gamers who don’t own the Xbox 360 title or don’t get the Xbox One version during the limited time, Bastion for Xbox One will cost $14.99.
  • A faitful version. For Supergiant Games, “the game has been re-built to feel native” to Xbox One, and it isn’t hyst a simple backward-compatibility release.
  • Running in full 1080p instead of 720p in the Xbox 360 version.
  • Including more achievements as well as the Stranger’s Dream DLC

BlitWorks worked with Supergiant Games to port Bastion to Xbox One.

[Source]: Supergiant Games: Bastion: Coming Soon to Xbox One!.

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