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For gamers interested about getting a New 3DS, though it may not be the big XL model many fans would want, Nintendo will sell two limited-edition New 3DS models for $99.99 on Black Friday.

The New Nintendo 3DS models let gamers: play specific titles not compatible with the regular 3DS models, use amiibos without the need of a reader, and adjust 3D effects based on the position of your head with an infrared tracker.

Two special edition models -one black, one white- will be on sale starting November 25 at all stores in the US, and both will feature Mushroom Kingdom artwork.

This occasion marks the first time one or more New Nintendo 3DS models will cost less than $100. As in recent models, the system won’t come with an AC adapter.

[Source]: Nintendo: New Nintendo 3DS System Available for Under $100 MSRP for the First Time on Black Friday.

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