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For many people in gaming, the NES was their first console and the release of the mini version of the NES has caused people to complain, so much so that even an Xbox exec is disappointed about NES Classic Edition shortages. The plug-and-play device loaded with 30 games (we miss Tetris) has been hard to find at the regular price of $59.99 for many people, and now it’s a lot more expensive when looking for it on eBay or other online stores.

Shanon Loftis, General Manager at Microsoft Studios Publishing, share the following tweet:

However, someone else at Microsoft had better luck than Loftis, and that someone was Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, who received the NES Classic early thanks to Nintendo.

Were you all lucky getting a NES Classic? At least Nintendo said it’ll be bringing more of them for the holiday season.

[Source]: Gamnesia: Xbox Executives Complain About the Shortage of NES Classic Edition Consoles.

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