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According to a survey by GameStop, the Nintendo 64 is the favorite retro-console for gamers. The N64, which Nintendo debuted in 1996, is the one in the minds of GameStop clients subscribed to the PowerUp Rewards loyalty program who answered the survey.

Perhaps not surprisingly was the mention of the Nintendo consoles in 2nd and 3rd place: the NES (perhaps due to the release of the NES Classic) and the Super Nintendo.

For unknown reasons, the Gamecube nor the Wii made the list of the top ten retro consoles, but the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance did.

GameStop starting accepting retro-consoles and games at all of its stores since October.

Here’s the list of the top 10 retro-consoles according to members of the PowerUp loyalty rewards program:

  1. Nintendo 64
  2. Nintendo Entertainment System
  3. Super NES
  4. PlayStation
  5. Sega Genesis
  6. Xbox
  7. Sega Dreamcast
  8. Sega Saturn
  9. Game Boy
  10. Game Boy Advance

[Source]: GameStop: Nintendo 64 is the hottest system in the retro-gaming scene.

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