Tracer is Overwatch’s first gay character However, Blizzard blocks webcomic in Russia">

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The latest episode of the Overwatch comic, Reflections, finally reveals Tracer as Overwatch’s first gay character.

In the latest chapter, Winston waits for Tracer for dinner while Tracer is looking for a last-minute gift. Though she doesn’t get the one gift she wanted for Winston, she gets a gift from the family she got to help earlier.

As she returns home, Tracer and Winston kiss each other. It’s this moment in the comic that made Blizzard not publish Reflections for readers in Russia.



A message in Twitter, written by user Malkythera, shows a screenshot and an English translation stating the following: “In accordance with Russian law, we cannot share this comic with our players on territory of Russian Federation.”



Blizzard told Eurogamer it was a decision by the company to not publish Reflections. “Blizzard decided not to publish in Russia to comply with Russian legislation. We preemptively decided not to publish given the climate in Russia and legal feedback.”

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