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Takayuki Kawasaki, territory manager at Epic Games Japan, said during an interview with Social VR Info that many games built with Unreal Engine 4 are coming to Nintendo Switch.

After Nintendo officially revealed the Switch, Epic Games mentioned its partnership with Nintendo to help bring UE4-made titles to the upcoming console, but not much else was said besides that then. However, Kawasaki added that there are many titles that are taking advantage of Nintendo’s technological capabilities. He later said he hopes the Switch could help the Japanese console market improve with the upcoming arrival of Nintendo’s console.

With a week and a half before the Nintendo Switch presentations in Japan and New York on January 12 and 13 respectively, the expectations for Nintendo to compete against Microsoft and Sony are high.

[Source]: Nintendo Everything: Many Unreal Engine-built games on the way to Switch, rep says.

[Via]: Social VR Info: 【年始企画】「Epic Games Japan」代表・河崎高之氏に聞く去年の事・今年の事.

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