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The early success of Super Mario Run on iOS in terms of downloads didn’t bring the earning the company may have been expecting as only 3% of Super Mario Run users purchased the full game.

Though Nintendo’s first Mario iOS game got the top position with 50 million downloads in just a few days, the report by market research firm Newzoo says only 3% of 90 million downloads paid $10 to play the entire game. This means a large number of users didn’t purchased the demo and may have played the first three stages of the demo.

According to a report by WSJ:
“Market research firm Newzoo estimates that “Super Mario Run” has generated more than $30 million in gross revenue, which suggests about 3 million players have bought the full game.”

The reported 3% is still higher when compared to Candy Crush’s paying clients with 2%.

Will Nintendo switch its strategy to attract more people just in time for the release of Super Mario Run on Android?

[Source]: Wall Street Journal: Why Super Mario’s Run Was Short (subscription required).

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