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After four years in development by developer Platinum Games, publisher Microsoft Studios cancels Xbox One exclusive Scalebound. Microsoft confirmed with media outlets the cease of development for Scalebound; now, both Microsoft and Platinum Games have parted ways.

Earlier today, Kotaku said many sources mentioned the situation the game in development was in: “in trouble and may be cancelled.” Eurogamer also said both companies stopped development on the game before the end of last year and that both companies have ended their relationship by parting ways.

The main reason for the cancellation: issues with the use of the game’s engine and overdue deadlines.

The action RPG game was first revealed during E3 2014 by Microsoft. However, not much information was shown after that. After showing a demo at Gamescom 2015 and an expected holiday 2016 that didn’t happen, Microsoft delayed Scalebound for this year.

The game’s Twitter account also shared a link to an article at about Microsoft’s decision to end the game’s production.

What’s in the future for Platinum Games? The company’s working on Nier: Automata, currently scheduled for a March 7 release.

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