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Bandai Namco Entertainment announced today its fighting game Tekken 7 is coming to consoles and PC on June 2.

After years of development, fans will be able to play the upcoming game on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC vis Steam, with exclusives depending on the version of the game.

Gamers who reserve Tekken 7 starting today will get Eliza, a female vampire fighter.

For players who choose the Xbox One version of Tekken 7, they’ll be getting a free version of Tekken 6 that was released for Xbox 360.

As for PS4 fans, they’ll be getting a jukebox mode and exclusive content once the game makes its debut.

Tekken 7’s season pass will come with three downloadable packs that include new costumes, stages, characters and a game mode. The company did not mention a date for the arrival of the season pass to be available in the announced platforms.

[Source]: Bandai Namco Entertainment (Facebook): The next battle in the #Tekken7 series starts June 2, 2017.

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