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After Sony announced earlier this year it would discontinue its PlayStation Now service from all of its devices except PCs and PS4 consoles, Sony said it will stream PS4 games later this year to members of its paid service.

Currently, PS Now lets users play close to 500 games and the addition of PS4 games to be streamed will be included in the users’ subscription; no need to pay more.

According to the blog post, active users will receive an email to “kick off a private test with PS4 games on PS Now.” Cloud saves will also make it easier for users of PS Now to play their gameplay in one device (PS4) and continue later on another (Windows PC).

Sony will have more competition though. The Xbox Game Pass service will let owners of Xbox One consoles to download games to play, without the need of a fast, stable, always-on internet connection.

It wasn’t mention though how many PS4 games will be available once gamers subscribed to the service will be able to enjoy this service.

PS Now will be no more after August 15 for PS3, PS Vita, PSTV, Samsung TVs, Sony Blu-Ray, and certain Sony Bravia TVs.

[Source]: PlayStation.Blog: PlayStation Now: Stream PS4 Games in 2017.

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