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For years now, the only way to enjoy the Pokémon franchise has been on some kind of mobile device, be it on a traditional console like the GBA/3DS or more recently on mobile devices with the introduction of Pokémon GO. The reasoning for this is apparently due to the install base for portable consoles being a lot higher in Japan than home consoles. And with Pokémon primarily being a game of collecting, battling, and trading, this play style definitely finds a great deal of benefits by being a primarily portable experience. However, ever since the introduction of the Nintendo Switch and its ability to transform from a home console into a portable one, this now gives Pokémon a brand new way to evolve to a new level and as such, spark a lot of debate as to how both Nintendo and Game Freak will approach this brand new console.

For those not up to speed, not too long ago there was a rumor that a port of Pokémon Sun and Moon would be coming to Nintendo Switch under the name “Pokémon Stars”. This information did come from a leaked report on Nintendo Switch’s first year and what we might be able to expect. So, of course, until this game is officially announced, it’s probably good to take this news with a grain of salt. Even so, if there is any truth to this rumor, then this would be the first mainline Pokemon game to ever appear on a home console! And with the massive success of Sun and Moon in particular, getting a fresh HD paint job for a well-received game in the Pokémon franchise would be a definite good start for the series. Now we may have new information that gives more weight to this Pokémon Stars rumor.

Reported first by Siliconera, Game Freak has posted some new job listings for work on a number of different and suspicious things. These job listings show Game Freak is looking both for a new character modeler and a character designer, however, the most interesting description from one of the job listings states the following: “An opportunity to be involved in the development of a worldwide popular RPG.” Now of course, as of right now, this is all speculation, but it seems pretty safe to say that this statement is referring to Pokémon. Not to mention, The Pokémon Company has already confirmed last fall that it would be supporting the Switch in some fashion in the future. Tsunekazu Ishihara (Chief Executive Officer at The Pokémon Company) has gone on record stating with the introduction of Nintendo Switch, they would definitely need to think about how they would change their approach in making games that live up to the Switch’s capabilities, though he didn’t confirm if a new project was currently in the works or not.

Either way, the contracts for these job listings are set to end in May 2018 and this actually shows a great deal of promise for the Switch should this rumor be true in any way. With Zelda now out and doing fantastically for the Switch launch and Super Mario Odyssey promising a Winter release, the one thing Nintendo has to do to keep the Switch alive is make sure there are bringing out the big guns at a steady pace, with third-party titles to bridge the gap in between them. So, if 2017 is all about Zelda and Mario, the next big staple in Nintendo’s catalog that would definitely be great to bust out in 2018, would have to be Pokémon. While Zelda and Mario are great stand-alone games for the Switch, Pokémon is gonna be the game to really be a huge console seller if done correctly. Being able to train your team in the comfort of your home with stellar graphics and being able to take that experience on the go sounds like the next big step for the franchise and in Nintendo’s climb back to the top after the slow decline that was the Wii U. Still, after all is said and done, as both a Nintendo and Pokémon fan, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store. So, for all things tech, gaming, and Pokémon, you can catch em’ all here on EMT!

[Source]: Siliconera: New Pokémon For Switch On The Horizon? Game Freak Recruiting For Console Project.

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