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As seen in Twitter earlier today, Bungie and Activision officially announced Destiny 2. As the title of of the first sequel to Destiny (originally released worldwide in September 2014), Destiny 2 has been a lot on the mind of fans especially since last week since when leaked images appeared online with text in Italian and one of them showing September 8 as the release date.

The top right side of the leaked image showing a poster has a message saying “Exclusive Content for PS4” (in Italian) and a message about a beta at the bottom. Could this be referring to a beta coming to PS4 first? Unfortunately, that statement about the Destiny 2 PS4 exclusive content has not been confirmed yet by either Bungie or Activision. Today’s first official Destiny 2 image does not come with a release date, just the title and a background image that fans may recognize.

[Source]: @DestinyTheGame (Twitter): Destiny 2.

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