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On the second and last day at F8, Facebook introduced its brain-computer interface, a system that will allow people to type with their brains.

The long-time goal for FB is to create a silent system allowing people to write 100 words per minute by simply using their brain. For the company, including Dugan, it’s the start for the future of interactivity.

Facebook started its secret project since the hiring of Regina Dugan, currently the head of the company’s R&D division to lead this project. Dugan asked the audience “What if you could type with your brain?” followed by a video of a paralyzed patient using her mind to type.

Regina Dugan

Regina Dugan

Regina Dugan

Regina Dugan

Facebook’s R&D division is already working with universities such as UC San Francisco, UC Berkley and others on the brain-typing project.

According to Facebook via its blog post, “This is about decoding those words you’ve already decided to share by sending them to the speech center of your brain. It’s a way to communicate with the speed and flexibility of your voice and the privacy of text. We want to do this with non-invasive, wearable sensors that can be manufactured at scale.”

Another project in the works, is a way for people to be able to hear through their skin.

[Source]: Facebook: F8 2017: AI, Building 8 and More Technology Updates From Day 2.

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