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Due to the upcoming expiration of a music license, Alan Wake will disappear on May 16 from Steam and Xbox Games stores as well as from retail stores, says developer Remedy Games’ community site.

Though the original Alan Wake will be removed, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will still be sold at stores and it is not affected. According to Remedy Games, “Remedy negotiated the music licensing for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, we did not negotiate the licensing for Alan Wake’s licensed music.” However, Alan Wake (including its DLC) and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be on sale with a 90% discount on Steam for only 48 hours starting on Saturday at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST.

For the ones who have not purchased the game, Remedy Games will be offering a 90% off “Sunset Sale” from Saturday, May 13 until May 15, mainly because “Remedy can only control pricing on Steam” and not on Microsoft’s Xbox Games store.

The company says there is no time frame for the re-licensing of the music for Alan West.

[Sources]: Steam: Alan Wake Sunset Sale -90% from May 13th to 15th. Remedy Games (Forum): Alan Wake Sunset Sale 13.-15.5.2017.

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