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Sony announced today the PS4 System Update 5.0 Beta Trial is coming in early August. Interested gamers can start signing up for the upcoming beta today to get an opportunity to become testers and take an early look at the new features.

In previous major updates, players got the chance to try out features such as external HDD support, but Sony’s post does not indicate what new functionalities players will see once version 5.0 is released to the public. More info about the upcoming features will be announced soon on PlayStation.Blog.

Players selected for the beta trial will receive an email with instructions to start testing.

As seen on the comments section of the PlayStation.Blog post, gamers do have a wishlist that includes backward compatibility, a feature lots of fans have asked Sony for to bring to PS4. Microsoft is already bringing Xbox 360 game compatibility to Xbox One and will do the same with original Xbox titles.

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