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At the San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros. released the first trailer of Ready Player One, the upcoming movie based on the novel by Ernie Cline and directed by Steven Spielberg.

This first trailer introduces Wade Watts, role played by actor Tye Sheridan, where he is part of a generation called “the missing millions” in the year 2044 and players participate in a virtual reality world called OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation). For Wade, OASIS is “the only place where I feel like I mean anything” and “the world where the limits of reality are your own imagination.” Due to an energy crisis and the consequences of global warming, people play OASIS, created by James Halliday. After he died, he announced in his will he left an Easter Egg in OASIS; whoever find it gets his corporation and all of the fortune he left behind. Five years alter, Wade finds one of the three keys that lead to the Easter egg.

The sci-fi novel became a huge success after its publication in 2011 and has been translated to more than 20 languages.

Ready Player One will make its debut on March 30, 2018.

Check out the trailer here.

[Source]: Warner Bros UK (YouTube): Ready Player One – SDCC Teaser – Warner Bros. UK.

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