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It’s not too late to get great prices for things gamers indeed want during this Holiday season, so, I’m checking out what’s up with Microsoft to start off with. The 12 Days of Deals at Microsoft is still going on with Xbox One X at $499 or the Xbox One S starting at $249. As the prices for 4K TVs are becoming more competitive and affordable this season, it seems like the right time to explore content offering something better than 1080p. I’m also checking out what offers there are for Mixed Reality devices.

While there isn’t much 4K content to watch via cable or satellite, there is a lot more content to check out for gamers as many titles are getting 4K resolution (4 times better than 1080p), Xbox One X-enhanced (meaning higher resolutions, faster framerates and/or improved textures), and HDR (high-dynamic-range video) and its HDR10 Media Profile (capable of rendering an image with increased contrast and richer colors\separation). Though fans can enjoy 4K streaming content via Netflix and Hulu with both Xbox One S and X models, real 4K gaming content is only available on the Xbox One X.

It was cool trying out the latest Forza game at the Microsoft Store at Florida Mall (Orlando) in 4K.

If you opt for staying at 1080p but still want Xbox One games, check out the following S models:

Cool features on the Xbox One:

Games to play with your family or young friends:

For the real gamers:

Today’s Windows Mixed Reality deals include:

For more info, check out The 12 Days of Deals at Microsoft.


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