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Since the premiere of Bing in the US, the competition among search engines has not changed drastically. The newest site has only increased by 1% (to 8.45%) after Microsoft’s efforts to become a leading provider of information, yet it still trails Yahoo by about 2%. With only a slight increase from May to June, Yahoo nor Microsoft are even close to Google’s domination. Worldwide statistics are higher still in favor of the #1 search engine. With a huge advantage in the availability and use of its operating systems (XP, Vista, 7) and internet browsers (IE versions 6 to 8), why is Microsoft still in third place when it comes to online search? Google knows how to play one game well: the search engines one.

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Desde el estreno de Bing en los EE.UU., la competencia entre los motores de búsqueda no ha cambiado drásticamente. El sitio más reciente sólo ha aumentado en un 1% (a 8,45%)  después de los esfuerzos de Microsoft por convertirse en un proveedor líder de información, sin embargo, aún va detrás de Yahoo por casi un 2%. Con sólo un ligero aumento de mayo a junio, Yahoo ni Microsoft se encuentran aún cerca de la dominación de Google. En todo el mundo las estadísticas son aún más altas a favor del motor de búsqueda #1. Con una gran ventaja en la disponibilidad y uso de sus sistemas operativos (XP, Vista, 7) y sus navegadores web (Internet Explorer – versiones 6 a 8), ¿por qué Microsoft está todavía en tercer lugar en lo que se refiere a la búsqueda en línea? Google sabe cómo jugar un juego muy bien: el de los motores de búsqueda.

Bing Gains 1% of Search Market for Microsoft – StatCounter

Google Still Dominates US and Global Markets


BOSTON, Mass. & DUBLIN –(Business Wire)– Jul 01, 2009 Bing has increased Microsoft’s share of the search market by 1% in the US according to analysis for June conducted by web analytics firm StatCounter. Microsoft had 8.23% market share in June, behind Yahoo! at 11.04% according to monthly analysis by StatCounter Global Stats. Google still dominates the US market but has fallen back slightly from 79.07% in April to 78.48% in June. (Graph: http://www.statcounter.com/images/pr/search-engine-us-apr-may-09.png )

Microsoft US market share has gone from 7.21% in April to 8.23% in June. “At first sight, a 1% increase in market share does not appear to be a huge return on the investment Microsoft has made in Bing but the underlying trend appears positive,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. “Steady if not spectacular might be the best way to describe performance to date.”

Looking at weekly trends for June, Aodhan Cullen said that Microsoft (Bing, Live Search and MSN Search in total) had peaked post launch at 9.21% in week 1st – 7th June. But after falling away in the following two weeks it had staged a comeback in the last week in June to 8.45%.

Microsoft market share, May/June – US
18th to 24th May: 7.41%
25th to 31st May: 9.11%
1st to 7th June: 9.21%
8th to 14th June: 7.47%
14th to 21st June: 7.6%
22nd to 28th June: 8.45%

(Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Search Engine Market Share)

Globally Microsoft appears to be making modest headway to date going from 3.08% in April to 3.30% in June. In the same period Yahoo! has fallen from 5.48% to 5.15% globally. Google still dominates the global market with 89.80%.

(Graph: http://www.statcounter.com/images/pr/search-engine-ww-apr-may-09.png )

Data is based on an analysis of 1.316 billion search engine referring clicks (336 million from the US) which were collected from the StatCounter network of over three million websites.

StatCounter, which provides free website traffic analysis, is one of the largest web analytics companies in the world monitoring in excess of ten billion pageloads per month.

Other regional and country breakdowns can be viewed at: http://gs.statcounter.com

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