El servicio de distribución de videojuegos de computadora Origin (de Electronic Arts) se está convirtiendo en un contendiente más fuerte para Steam. Ahora, Origin cuenta ya con 35 compañías gracias al apoyo de no sólo Sega, sino también de Rebellion, Kalypso Media, Team 17 y otras más.

Estas empresas se tardarán unos meses para brindar sus juegos PC al servicio. Eso sí, Sega sí ya permite a que los ‘gamers’ pidan por adelantado el juego Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai vía Origin.

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SEGA to Offer Top Games on Origin

New Partners Expand Origin Roster to 35 Game Publishers and Developers

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Electronic Arts (EA) Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) announced today that SEGA® will bring its most popular PC game titles to Origin™, EA’s direct-to-consumer gaming platform. SEGA’s Total War™ Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai is now available for pre-order to PC gamers on Origin.

In addition to SEGA, other new publishers joining Origin today include Team 17 Software Limited, Rebellion, Kalypso Media Digital Ltd. and more, bringing the number of game publishers and developers on Origin to 35 partners. PC downloadable titles from each of these partners will be available on Origin in the coming months.

“By partnering with publishers like SEGA, we’re able to bring even more of the industry’s best games to players on Origin,” said Craig Rechenmacher, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Origin at EA. “With 11 million registered users around the world, Origin is fast becoming the destination for consumers looking for fresh new content to play with their friends.”

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Origin. The PC Market is continuing to grow and the prospect of offering the Total War franchise and the SEGA range of PC titles to the Origin audience is very exciting,” commented John Clark, UK Managing Director and PC Digital Distribution Director at SEGA.

Origin offers fast and safe game downloads for many of the industry’s most popular PC titles, including Mass Effect™3, Battlefield 3™, Star Wars®: The Old Republic™, FIFA 12, Batman: Arkham City, Saints Row: The Third and Rift™. In addition, Origin features provide a more dynamic and convenient play experience for the gamer. Beyond the fast download capability, automatic log-in and built-in customer service, Origin in-game overlay and chat features make for a more lively social experience, and cloud saves let gamers save and continue games from any computer, anytime, anywhere. Live streaming demos on Origin also allow gamers to try some games before they buy.

For more information about Origin, please visit http://www.origin.com. For more information on EA and assets including images, please visit http://info.ea.com.

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