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It is one of the most-expensive cartridges from the 8-bit generation to buy nowdays, the Nintendo World Championship cartridge.

Today, someone with lots of money was lucky enough to buy such a cartridge on eBay for $99,902. The cartridge seems to be in good condition, except for the ripped label. It features some DIP switches used to select the time limit of the title.

The image shows a Sony chip in the grey cartridge, back then when Sony was making the sound chips for Nintendo 8-bit and 16-bit cartridges.

The bid for this 1990 cart started at US$4,999 yesterday. It is now the most expensive cartridge ever sold at US$99,902.

[Source]: eBay: NES Nintendo World Championship Cart RARE Torn Label 100% Authentic Adult Owned [].

Nintendo World Championships cartridge on eBay

Nintendo World Championships cartridge on eBay

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