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After months with various unsolved problems, the iPad/iPhone version of Square Enix’s The World Ends With You: Solo Remix has been finally removed from the App Store. Since last September, users of iOS8 have not been able to play the mobile title.

The company has not given up in fixing the game and it is working on an update. Users will not be able to download the app again until further notice.

The removal of the app will not affect users who are still playing the game on iOS 7. Until a fixed version gets released, iOS8 users won’t be able to play the title. Android users are not affected.

[Source]: Polygon: Square Enix pulls the broken iOS version of The World Ends With You.
[Via]: Square Enix: The World Ends with You: Solo Remix [iOS/Google Play] – Suspension of Service for iPhone/iPad Version.

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