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The original version of Syndicate, a real-time tactical game with an isometric perspective (released in 1993), becomes the latest title released for free at EA’s Origin. The title was developed by Bullfrog Productions and produced by Peter Molyneux (Bullfrog) and Kevin Buckner (EA).

For the ones who haven’t had a chance to play Syndicate, here’s a bit of what the cyberpunk PC game is about: “In the world of the Syndicate, corporations are king. Your job? To ensure your company is the best of the best, by whatever means are necessary. Name your Megacorp, choose its logo, and recruit a team of cyborg agents to do your bidding.”

The game won’t always be a free download on Origin, so, if interested, get this classic title ASAP. Take a look at the video below to see the game in action.

[Source]: EA: Syndicate now available with Origin On The House.

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