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Columbus Circle, a Japanese maker of game accessories, announced the arrival of 8Bit Music Power, a new Famicom game for music fans of the retro kind.

Throughout the generation of Famicom and NES games, gamers were inspired by the style of sounds available then to produce music tracks.

This new game is more than just a collection of 12 original retro chiptunes in a real Famicom cartridge, it is “the first commercial cartridge for the console in 21 years,” according to Wall Street Journal blogger Takashi Mochizuki.

Fans who own a NES console won’t be able to play the game without a Famicom-to-NES adapter, though the company could still make a NES version if it decides to.

“This was just a project among old Nintendo fans around us,” said the company’s spokesperson. “We were surprised at the overwhelming reaction we’ve received. Fans and major retailers in the U.S. asked us to make the product available there.”

Columbus Circle has its sight on producing more Famicom cartridges, most likely additional music content with more 8bit tunes. A brand-new Famicom videogame is not out of the question as Columbus Circle hopes to develop new titles for Nintendo’s classic 8-bit console.

Though the game is not an officially-licensed Nintendo title, it is cool to see a new 8-bit game after many years.

8Bit Music Power

8Bit Music Power

8Bit Music Power, a new Famicom game for chiptune fans

8Bit Music Power, a new Famicom game for chiptune fans

8Bit Music Power demo [8bit NES]

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