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In a message posted on the game’s Japanese Twitter account, Nintendo confirmed Super Mario Odyssey will bid farewell to Game Over, the message or animation that appears when Mario loses a life and returns the character to the beginning of a stage. Even in games such as New Super Mario Bros. 2, gamers have experienced the agony of restarting a level many times over.

“When Mario’s physical strength goes to 0 or falls into the abyss, 10 coins will be reduced. However, no matter how often you make a mistake, there is no GAME OVER.”

Instead, Mario will lose 10 coins each and every time he loses a life. In other words, it won’t matter how many times Mario falls somewhere, there just won’t be a Game Over. With this change, players won’t have to worry about picking up 1-Ups as much as before, though it can be helpful, especially because even if a players has less than 10 coins, he/she can still play as Mario.

A follow-up twit tells followers: “Even if you make a mistake with 9 coins or less left, it won’t be Game Over. Please enjoy the exploration with confidence.”

[Source]: @Mario_OdysseyJP: マリオの体力が0になったり、奈落に落ちると、持っているコインが10枚減ってしまいます。ただし…!いくらミスしてもGAME OVERはありませんちなみに…!コインが9枚以下の状態からミスしてもGAME OVERにはなりません。安心して探索を楽しんで下さい

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