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An email sent earlier today to the press gives detailed information about the upcoming downloadable content for Killzone 2. There is no date yet for the release of these brand-new stages, but it will be available very soon. The following paragraphs are part of the email sent to the press with an explanation of the two new maps. Un email que fue mandado temprano a la prensa da información detallada del próximo contenido descargable para Killzone 2. No hay feach aún para el lanzamiento de estas nuevas fases, pero estará disponible muy pronto. Los siguientes párrafos son parte del email mandado a la prensa con una explicación de los dos nuevos mapas (en inglés).

From/De: BNC PR/Sony

By now you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time battling the Helghast and exploring But the fun doesn’t stop there. Soon you’ll have even more reason to log on and continue exploring the Killzone 2 multiplayer mode as the first official downloadable content for the game will be available on the PlayStation®Network beginning April 30th.

Below are some key details about the first and new DLC map pack “Steel and Titanium” and what will be included with the download.

The “Steel and Titanium” will give players access to two brand new maps for the online multiplayer mode, “Wasteland Bullet” and “Vetka Cruiser”, complete with fresh gameplay elements and strategic twists that are guaranteed to challenge event the most skilled players.

Wasteland Bullet, which pulls inspiration from the train level “Tharsis Refinery” in the single player campaign, takes the action right onto a high-speed bullet train that is used to transports goods and troops between Pyrrhus and the Wasteland. On the train, players must navigate through a narrow and treacherous tight layout, dodging oncoming obstacles, while facing off with the enemy on top of two high-speed moving trains. The action is frenzied and dangerous as players will be able to jump back and forth between the trains throughout the level, while maintaining focus and remaining aware because hitting a concrete pillar or other obstacles at the train’s high speeds could mean instant death!

In the second map,  Vekta Cruiser, which is based on the “Cruiser” level from the single player campaign, players as the ISA troops find themselves in close quarters, boarding a vast ship. Their goal is to repel a force of assaulting Helghast troops while simultaneously protecting the cruiser from enemy fire. The action takes place entirely indoors in a frantic and claustrophobic environment where the battle against Helghast continues. Attackers are lurking around every so attention and focus is key.

Please note that at this time the pricing for the “Steel and Titanium” DLC map pack is TBA.

Released in late February 2009, Killzone 2 has swiftly become one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed titles of the year.

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