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We fans of Street Fighter know the story of Guile’s best friend has left us all with a lot more questions than answers. We first learned of Charlie Nash in SF2 when Guile wanted revenge. Then in the three SF Alpha games, we got to see Charlie Nash in threatening situations which have led him to his death more than once. Did he really die? While the writers must have some convincing story to do, let’s take a look at the return of Charlie Nash in this Street Fighter V trailer. It’s been a while. Let’s see what he can do. And be sure to see who’s next, almost at the end of the video.

Capcom also announced the online beta program on PS4 and PC for gamers who pre-order the game. The company will inform more about this program soon.

[Source]: Capcom Unity / Combofiend: Announcing the Return of Nash and the Street Fighter V Online Beta Program.

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