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Celebrities have done it. Maybe some of your friends as well. They’ve taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the one in which people dump buckets full of water with ice on their heads. It’s been in the news. We’ve seen people from Shakira to Bill Gates and many more, but now it’s the turn of virtual characters.

After being chosen by Warframe’s game developers at Digital Extremes, it was the character Ghost’s turn from Destiny to take on the challenge. So, who is Destiny nominating now? Joel (from The Last of Us) and Kevin Spacey’s character from Activision’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. George Lucas was the only non-virtual character to be challenged.

What’s best about Bungie is what it will bring to the ALS: “20% percent of Bungie Store proceeds will be donated until 9/9/2014.”

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